I’m so fucking done with life. I’m the thin thread left fighting and trying so hard to hold everything together and it’s fucking useless fuck I’m going through a lot of things simultaneously. And seriously, almost everything is going nowhere. The passion is there but the fire is rarely lit, you feel me? Fuckity fuck. Ladies and fucking gentlemen I’m out. 

Anonymous SAID:
Bat hindi?


Mahal mo? Kung oo, ‘wag mo breakan. Kung hindi, e’di ibreak mo. Andali niyo kasi bumitiw sa mga tao eh. Parang kahit malaki o maliit na pagkakamali, pwede niyo sabihin na break na o ayaw na. Wala kayong patutunguhan niyan.

On loveless nights, I hope it made you feel good. Back then, I adored you. Back then, I liked you. Back then, I loved you. Back then, I felt everything when I’m with you. Now, I miss you. This is shameful. I did everything to get back to you. Well, I almost did everything. Some things you wouldn’t even imagine I would do for a person. Things that you wouldn’t know. This is torturous because I wanted you so much. Even if you left me in the cold. Even if you gave up. Even if you cared less.


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